Leo Messi Turns 36 

10 Interesting Facts About Messi


Did you know?

At just four years old, he began his soccer journey as a member of the local club Grandoli, where he received coaching from his father, also his maternal grandmother, dedicated her time taking him to training sessions.


It may come as a surprise to many that Messi's first contract with Barcelona the Spanish giants was not drawn on an official document, but instead on a Paper Napkin.


Messi made his debut league at age of 17 against RCD Espanyol, He was the third youngest person to play on Barcelona. He was also the youngest player who ever score for Barcelona. at that time.


Messi holds dual citizenship, Argentine and Spanish. He obtained Spanish citizenship in September 2005. 


Messi took over the iconic No. 10 jersey at Barcelona from Ronaldinho in summer 2008.


Messi won his first FIFA World Player of the Year award at 22 and went on to secure the title for the next three consecutive years.


Messi, along with England's Vivian Woodward, is the only player to score 25 goals in a calendar year for both club and country in international competition.