top 10 most expensive collectibles in the world

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top 10 most expensive collectibles

Collecting is a hobby that many people have enjoyed for centuries, it can be a great way to pass the time, connect with others who share similar interests, and even make some money in the process. But some collectors take their hobby to the extreme, being willing to pay millions of dollars for their most prized possessions.

If you are a collector and you are looking for the ultimate goal to achieve, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the top 10 most expensive collectibles in the world today. These items are not only extremely rare, but they are also worth millions of dollars each. So let’s get right into it.

Top 10 most expensive collectibles in the world

1. The Pink Star Diamond – $71.2 million

rare pink star diamond

Behold the Pink Star Diamond, an impeccable gem weighing an astonishing 59.60 carats. In the year 2013, this resplendent pink diamond was triumphantly sold at an auction, claiming the title of the most expensive diamond ever to be traded globally. The chairman of jeweler Chow Tai Fook, Dr. Henry Cheng Kar-Shun owns the precious Pink Star Diamond, he bough it for $71.2 Million in an auction.

2. The Patek Philippe Supercomplication Watch – $24 million

Crafted exclusively for a distinguished New York banker, the Patek Philippe Super complication Watch takes the form of an exquisite pocket watch. Its remarkable complexity encompasses a staggering 24 intricacies, including a perpetual calendar, precise sunrises and sunsets, as well as a celestial chart detailing the nocturnal spectacle above New York City.

According to Forbes, the unique watch sold at the highest bid of $24 million in an auction.

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3. The 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO – $70 million

An epitome of automotive excellence, the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO remains among the most coveted classic cars on Earth. According to CNN article it was sold for a hefty price of $70 million, mere 39 of these magnificent vehicles were ever produced, each finding its way into the hands of discerning private collectors.

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4. Action Comics No. 1 – $3.2 million

Within the pages of Action Comics No. 1, Superman first took flight, etching his indelible mark on the world of comics. In 2014, this monumental publication fetched a staggering sum of $3.2 million, cementing its status as the most invaluable comic book ever traded.

5. The Badminton Cabinet – $36 million

The Badminton Cabinet, sold for $36 Million, a masterpiece of exquisite furniture hailing from 18th-century Florence, takes its name from its original abode the estate of the Duke of Beaufort. A true testament to unparalleled craftsmanship, it stands as an enduring symbol of opulence and refinement.

6. The Mona Lisa – Priceless

The Mona Lisa, an icon among icons, stands as one of the most renowned paintings in existence. Crafted by the hands of Leonardo da Vinci during the 16th century, this transcendent masterpiece now finds its home within the hallowed halls of the Louvre Museum in Paris. While its pecuniary worth eludes estimation, it undeniably ranks among the most treasured artifacts known to humankind.

7. The Codex Leicester – $30.8 million

Within the pages of the Codex Leicester, the brilliant mind of Leonardo da Vinci unveils an astounding array of observations on astronomy, geology, and the enigmatic nature of water. In 1994, this venerable manuscript found its way into the possession of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who recognized its immeasurable worth. According to a CNBC news, the book was bought by Bill Gates for amount of $30.8 Million making it most expensive book sold.

8. The Graff Pink Diamond – $46 million

An extraordinary rarity, the Graff Pink Diamond boasts a bewitching hue and weighs a remarkable 24.78 carats. In 2010, this resplendent gem, curated by the esteemed jeweler Laurence Graff, mesmerized bidders at an auction held in Geneva.

9. The 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin – $18.9 million

Conceived by the US Mint in 1933, the 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin stands as a gleaming testament to the golden era of numismatics. While it was never released to the public due to the removal of the gold standard, only two of these exquisite coins are known to exist today, captivating collectors and connoisseurs alike. The antique coin was sold for $18.9 Million in 2021 at Sothebys auction.

10. The Four-Sheet Poster for the Movie “Metropolis” – $1.2 million

Unveiled in 1927 for Fritz Lang’s groundbreaking science-fiction film, the Four-Sheet Poster for the Movie “Metropolis” reigns supreme as the most valuable poster ever sold. Its creation marked a seminal moment in the realm of cinema, encapsulating the essence of a visionary masterpiece.

Collectibles, the epitome of exclusivity, occupy a realm where the bounds of pecuniary value become insignificant. The aforementioned treasures transcend mere rarity, imbued with an irreplaceable historical and cultural significance.

While acquiring these priceless marvels may remain an elusive dream, one can bask in the intricate details and awe-inspiring beauty they encapsulate a testament to the human pursuit of the extraordinary.

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Who currently owns the Pink Star diamond?

The chairman of jeweler Chow Tai Fook, Dr. Henry Cheng Kar-Shun owns the precious Pink Star Diamond, he bough it for $71.2 Million in an auction.

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