Salaar vs Dunki Box Office Collection: Prabhas Salaar Dominates Opening Day

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Salaar vs Dunki Box Office Collection

In the world of Indian cinema, few events can match the anticipation and excitement of a box office showdown. This week saw one such clash with the release of two highly anticipated films Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dunki’ and Prabhas’ ‘Salaar’.

However, the opening day turned out to be a one-sided affair, with ‘Salaar’ dominating the box office.

Salaar’s Remarkable Opening

‘Salaar’, the much-anticipated action film starring Prabhas, made a resounding impact on its opening day. The film is expected to have earned Rs 90crore, setting a record for the highest opening day collection of 2023. This impressive figure showcases Prabhas’ star power and the audience’s eagerness to watch him in a new avatar.

Dunki Underperforms at the Box Office

Contrary to expectations, Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dunki’ fell short of box office predictions, with an estimated net collection of Rs 30 crores. Despite the star power of Shah Rukh Khan, the film couldn’t match up to the might of ‘Salaar’ on the opening day.


The Advance Booking Scenario

Both ‘Salaar’ and ‘Dunki’ had good ticket sales in advance bookings. However, ‘Salaar’ managed to edge past ‘Dunki’ with an advance booking collection of ₹30 crore. The Telugu version of ‘Salaar’ alone recorded an advance booking collection of ₹23.5 crore.

Salaar vs Dunki Box Office Collection:

As per the report by timesofindia, Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire has taken the box office by storm on its opening day. With an impressive number of over 2.23 lakh tickets sold for shows around the nation with almost worth Rs.48 crore sold for the release, it’s not hard to see why. It seems the Telugu-speaking audience in particular couldn’t wait to get their hands on this one.

Where as Dunki, the Rajkumar Hirani directorial, has made quite the splash at the domestic box office with an impressive collection of Rs 30 crore nett. This accomplishment has awarded the film the title of the seventh-biggest opener of this year, which is no easy feat.

Dunki’s success, however, may be short-lived as it is up against some stiff competition, namely, Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran’s Salaar. Directed by Prashanth Neel, Salaar has already set lofty standards with a whopping collection of Rs 90 crore at the domestic box office. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this ultimate battle of the box office!

This much-anticipated action flick has clearly lived up to its hype and has definitely left its mark on the Indian film industry.

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Unprecedented Audience Response

Summarizing the opening day collections and advance booking collections of both ‘Salaar’ and ‘Dunki’:

Film Opening Day Collection (in Rs Crore)Advance Booking Collection (in Rs Crore)

While ‘Salaar’ has taken a significant lead on the opening day, it’s too early to predict the final outcome of this box office battle. Both films have been well received by critics and audiences alike, and the coming days will determine their overall success.

The ‘Salaar’ vs ‘Dunki’ showdown has indeed set the box office on fire, adding another exciting chapter to the annals of Indian cinema.

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