How did Nat Mcbride die? What happened to TV star of Grand Designs

Angelina Jones

Nat Mcbride die

Nat McBride, a participant on the popular TV show “Grand Designs,” left an indelible mark on viewers with his passion for design and life. Unfortunately, McBride’s journey was cut short due to a tragic turn of events.

A Passion for Design

Nat McBride was more than just a participant on “Grand Designs.” He was a man who, along with his partner Lucie Fairweather, had a vision for creating a home that was unique and sustainable. Their project was featured on the show, capturing the hearts of millions.

An Unexpected Tragedy

During the filming of their episode, McBride was battling stomach cancer. Tragically, he lost his fight and passed away. His death was unexpected and happened during the making of the episode. This marked a sorrowful moment in the history of “Grand Designs,” as it was one of the few instances where a participant died during filming.

Honouring Nat’s Legacy

Despite the tragic circumstances, McBride’s story did not end in despair. After his passing, his partner Lucie decided to continue with their Grand Design project. In his memory, she carried on the work they started together, turning their dream into reality.

McBride’s death led to what Kevin McCloud, the host of “Grand Designs,” described as a “lovely story.” He applauded Lucie’s decision to continue their Grand Design in his memory, thus honouring McBride’s legacy.

Nat McBride’s story is a testament to resilience and the power of dreams. Even though he tragically passed away from stomach cancer in 2008, his memory lives on through the home he envisioned and the inspiring journey he embarked on with his partner, Lucie. His story continues to touch the hearts of “Grand Designs” fans worldwide.

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