Chris Appleton flaunts shirtless body at Miami Beach amid divorce from Lukas Gage

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Chris Appleton

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton recently turned heads by baring his impressively toned body at a beach in Miami. The fitness enthusiast looked fantastic as he enjoyed the sun and surf, offering onlookers a glimpse of his well-sculpted physique.

Chris Appleton & Lukas Gage: The End of a Marriage

This display comes during a challenging personal time for Appleton, who is currently going through a divorce from actor Lukas Gage. The couple, who were married earlier this year, have recently decided to part ways.

The Happier Times

Just six months ago, the pair were spotted enjoying a fun-filled day at the beach, displaying their abs and sharing light-hearted moments. They seemed to be deeply in love, making their recent split all the more shocking.

Lukas Gage: Life After Divorce

Despite the heartbreak, Gage has not shied away from public appearances. In fact, he made his first public appearance since the divorce news broke last month. He continues to focus on his career, demonstrating resilience in the face of personal adversity.

Appleton’s Fitness Journey

Appleton’s chiseled physique is not just for show; it’s a testament to his dedication to health and fitness. Always known for his commitment to staying in shape, his recent beach outing served as evidence of his hard work paying off.

In conclusion, despite the personal upheaval, both Appleton and Gage seem to be handling their situations with grace. As they navigate this new chapter in their lives, fans around the world continue to support them.

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