Biggie Baddies West Net Worth: How Rich is Biggie from Baddies West Actually?

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Biggie Baddies West, a rising star known for her appearances on the TV series “Baddies”, has been making waves in the entertainment industry. With an increasing fanbase and expanding career, many are curious about her net worth.

This article seeks to explore Biggie Baddies West’s net worth and the sources of her wealth.

About Biggie Baddies West

Biggie Baddies West, whose real name is Damerlin Baez, is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry. She gained recognition as a cast member on season three of the reality series “Baddies West” and has since amassed a significant following on social media platforms.

Biggie Baddies West, also known simply as ‘Biggie’, hails from Providence, Rhode Island. She has over 440,000 followers where she identifies as a TV influencer, model, and host. She is also an ambassador for Fashion Nova Curve, a popular plus-size fashion brand.

Despite some confusion about her gender, Biggie Baddies West is not a man nor a transgender person. Pictures of her when she was younger confirm that she is a woman.

Biggie Baddies West is also active on TikTok, where videos related to her have garnered billions of views. She’s known for her participation in various feuds and confrontations on “Baddies West”, as seen in numerous video compilations and discussions online.

Biggie Baddies West Net Worth

There have been varying reports on Biggie Baddies West’s net worth. Some sources report her net worth to be around $200,000.

Primary Sources of Income

Biggie Baddies West’s primary sources of income include her appearance on the TV series “Baddies” and her work as an event planner. Her Instagram bio also refers to her as an entrepreneur, suggesting she might have multiple income streams contributing to her net worth.

Career Highlights

Biggie is best known for her appearance on the TV series “Baddies” which debuted its third season on January 22, 2023. She also identifies as a TV influencer, model, and host according to her Instagram profile.

1. Star of “Baddies West”: Biggie’s most significant career highlight is undoubtedly her role in the reality television series “Baddies West”. She joined the show in its third season and quickly became one of the fan favorites.

2. Social Media Influence: Biggie has amassed a significant following on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Her Instagram account @pvd_biggie has over 440,000 followers, where she posts regular updates about her life, fashion, and behind-the-scenes glimpses from her work on “Baddies West”.

3. Fashion Nova Curve Ambassador: Another notable career achievement for Biggie is her work as an ambassador for Fashion Nova Curve, a popular plus-size fashion brand. This role allows her to use her platform to promote body positivity and inclusivity in the fashion industry.

4. Event Planner: Before her rise to fame, Biggie was known in her local community as an accomplished event planner. While it’s unclear whether she still actively pursues this line of work, it certainly played a role in shaping her career and providing her with the networking skills she uses today

While there are conflicting reports on Biggie Baddies West’s exact net worth, it’s clear that she has made substantial financial gains through her various professional endeavors. As her career continues to grow, we can expect her net worth to potentially increase in the future.

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