Bigg Boss 17 Gossips: Who is Better Couple Ankita & Vicky Vs Aishwariya & Neil?

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Bigg BOss 17 who is better couple Ankita and vicky or neil and aishwariya

In the whirlwind of drama and entertainment that is Bigg Boss 17, two couples have taken center stage: Ankita Lokhande & Vicky Jain and Aishwarya Sharma & Neil Bhatt. Their relationships, filled with affection, conflict, and intense confrontations, have become the talk of the town.

As viewers remain hooked to their screens, a debate rages on: Who makes a better couple Ankita & Vicky or Aishwariya & Neil?

This article delves into the dynamics of these relationships, their key highlights in the show, and public opinion, aiming to shed some light on this intriguing question.

The Chemistry of Ankita & Vicky

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain are a couple who have won audiences’ hearts with their affectionate displays and mutual support. Despite being in an environment filled with tension and conflict, they have managed to maintain their bond. They’ve had their share of arguments and disagreements, but their chemistry remains palpable. They’re often seen comforting each other during difficult times, demonstrating the strength of their relationship.

The Dynamics of Aishwarya & Neil

On the other side, we have Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt. Their chemistry is different, characterized by intense emotions and fiery confrontations. Aishwarya’s warning to Vicky not to mess with her husband Neil in one of the tasks highlighted their protective stance towards each other. However, their relationship has also been marked by disagreements and arguments, which have made for riveting television.

Public Opinion: Whose chemistry is better?

The public seems divided on whose chemistry is better. While some appreciate the strong bond between Ankita and Vicky, others find the passionate dynamics between Aishwarya and Neil more engaging.

However, it’s essential to remember that these are real people with real emotions, not just characters on a television show.

HighlightsAnkita & VickyAishwariya & Neil
Nomination ArgumentsAishwarya Sharma nominated Vicky Jain for evictionNeil Bhatt was questioned by Ankita for nominating her
ConfrontationsVicky Jain initiated a confrontation by commenting on the relationship between Neil and AishwaryaNeil Bhatt screamed at Ankita during a heated argument
FightsEngaged in nasty fights with Neil and AishwaryaEngaged in nasty fights with Ankita and Vicky
AccusationsVicky Jain called Aishwarya a ‘chudail’ (witch) during a fightAishwarya Sharma also called Ankita a ‘chudail’ (witch) during a fight

Key Highlights of the two couple relationship:

1.Heated Confrontations: The friction between the two couples escalated when Aishwarya Sharma nominated Vicky Jain for eviction. This decision led to a heated argument between the couples, with Neil Bhatt also getting involved.

2.Questioning Each Other’s Relationships: Vicky Jain initiated another confrontation by commenting on the relationship between Neil and Aishwarya. This sparked an argument, leading to further tension between the two couples.

3.Nasty Fights: The disagreements between the couples have often turned into nasty fights, with harsh words being exchanged. In one such instance, Aishwarya and Ankita got involved in a verbal spat, while their husbands also engaged in a heated argument.

4.Accusations and Name-calling: During another fight, Aishwarya called Ankita a ‘chudail’ (witch), escalating the situation further. These incidents have added an interesting dynamic to the show, keeping viewers hooked.

The relationship dynamics between Ankita & Vicky and Aishwarya & Neil have been a major talking point in Bigg Boss 17. Their confrontations and disagreements have made for riveting television, although some viewers have questioned whether these fights are scripted.

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The season continues to unfold, and we can only wait and see how these relationships evolve and who eventually wins the hearts of the audience.

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