Bigg Boss 17 Day 3 on 17th October 2023: What Is Going to Happen?

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bigg boss 17- day 3

Bigg Boss 17, the seventeenth season of the Indian-Hindi language reality television show, is off to a thrilling start. Following the mantras of Dil, Dimaag aur Dum, the contestants have three paths laid out for them.

Let’s delve into what we can expect on Bigg Boss 17 Day 3 on 17th October 2023.

Bigg Boss 17 Day 3 on 17th October 2023 : What Is Going to Happen?

As the show is on the roll, the excoted is more as usual of every season the fans are speculation every now and then what might be the next move in the house, so dont worry and we are here with some important speculation of Bigg Boss 17- Day 3.

  1. First Elimination: As per the updates from Tellybest, Day 3 might bring the first elimination of Bigg Boss 17. The host will ask housemates to name the person they did not like since their entry, hinting at a potential vote-out.
  2. Vicky’s Pawn in Focus: From the updates on Tellyupdates, it seems that Vicky’s pawn who lives in house 3 (representing bravery and power) might come under scrutiny. Bigg Boss mentions that a follower lives there, which could indicate a twist involving this individual.
  3. Nominations Begin: According to a promo video on YouTube, nominations might begin on Day 3. This could lead to heightened tensions and strategic gameplay among the contestants.
  4. Focus on House 3 Dynamics: Given that House 3 represents bravery and power, there might be tasks or conflicts that test these qualities among the inhabitants. This could lead to new leaders emerging or existing dynamics being challenged.
  5. Drama-filled Episode: The multiple promos released on YouTube for the 17th October episode indicate a drama-packed day. While the specifics are unclear, viewers can expect heated arguments, surprising twists, and emotional moments.

The Three Paths: Dil, Dimaag aur Dum

This season, the Bigg Boss house is divided into three sections – Dil, Dimaag, and Dum. Each section represents a different aspect of the contestants’ personalities and strategy. It will be intriguing to see how the contestants navigate these paths and which one they choose to follow.

Increased Tensions and Arguments

The first two days of Bigg Boss 17 saw multiple arguments among the housemates. Given the already heightened tensions, Day 3 is likely to witness more disagreements. The division of the house into three sections might further exacerbate these conflicts.

The Bigg Boss Scolding

On Day 1, Bigg Boss reprimanded Vicky Jain for planning to bring Abhishek into his room, which upset Jain’s wife, Ankita. We can expect Bigg Boss to continue intervening if the contestants break the rules or engage in inappropriate behaviour.

Contestants’ Strategies

Ankita Lokhande has stated that she will change her clothes three times a day as she returns to the small screen after a long time5. It’ll be interesting to see if other contestants also adopt unique strategies to stand out and keep the audience engaged.

The Exes Saga

On Day 1, Mannara Chopra questioned exes Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar about sharing a bed. This storyline might continue to unfold on Day 3, potentially leading to more drama and intrigue.

Salman Khan’s Performance

Salman Khan, the host of Bigg Boss 17, gave a blockbuster performance ahead of the premiere of the show. Fans of the show are eagerly waiting to see if Salman has any more surprises in store for Day 3.

In conclusion, Day 3 of Bigg Boss 17 promises to be an exciting watch with its unique house format, potential conflicts, individual strategies, and the ongoing exes saga.

Stay tuned with us to know the latest speculation from Bigg Boss House to see how the drama unfolds!

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